Hasselblad 180mm f/4 CFE Sonnar T*
Features and Specifications
The optics of the Sonnar T* 4/180 CFE lens, although optimized for infinity, were designed with special attention to close-up performance. This results in a lens that gained high popularity with demanding fashion- and beauty photographers worldwide. The lens designers managed to achieve a high degree of correction. The 180mm can be used for demanding product shots that need a focal length clearly longer than the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 4/120 CFE lens offers.

Hasselblad 180mm vs 150mm ?
At minimum focus the 180mm will fill the frame perfectly for headshot applications.
The 150mm requires the addition of a close-up lens or extension tube.

Special optical materials make the 180mm lens resistant  to thermal fluctuations. It can safely be used in radiant heat from direct summer sunshine, heavy industry furnaces, jet propulsion test beds, rocket launch sites and the like. In fact, the Sonnar T* 4/180 CFE lens is a proven general purpose telephoto lens with stunning performance.

Preferred use: beauty, fashion, products, portraits, weddings, industrial.

Focal length 179.4 mm
Elements / Groups elements 5/4
Apoerture f/4~ f/32
Filter size Bay 60
Focusing Range 1.55 m to Infinity to 1.55
Weight 1080 g

Hasselblad 180mm f/4 CFE Sonnar, Features and Specifications

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