The Leica 90mm Macro-Elmar-M telephoto was introduced in September 2003. It is available as a stand alone item or as a component of a kit. The kit includes the Angle Viewfinder Finder M and the Macro Adapter M (Kit: 11638 Black, 11639 Silver).

90mm f/4 Macro-Elmar-M is designed FOR BOTH INFINITY FOCUS AND MACRO WORK. Leica says it has almost zero distortion. This is confirmed by users who state that the the image quality is outstanding. The 90 is a light weight lens and due to it's collapsible nature very compact. Although it is a common complaint that the f/4 maximum aperture is too slow, most users will concede that the slower lenses invariably perform more evenly and with higher resolution than their high speed counterparts. It comes with: Front & Rear Lens Caps, Soft Padded Leather Lens Case and Metal Lens Hood with Slip-On Cap. (90mm: 11633 Black, 11634 Silver)

Diagonal angle of view 27
Lens construction: 4 elements in 4 groups
Minimum Focus: 0.77m  (0.5m with macro adaptor-M)
Weight: 240g / 320g
Hood: Included
Filter Size: 39mm
Features 6 Bit Coding
90mm f/4 Macro-Elmar-M 11633 Black, 11634 Silver
90mm f/4 Macro-Elmar-M 11633 Black, 11634 black
The Macro-Adapter-M was specifically developed as an accessory only for the 90mm f/4 Macro lens. It allows close focusing from 2.5" (0.77 m) (reproduction ratio 1:6.7) down to 1.6" (0.5 m) (reproduction ratio 1:3). It comes with a leather  case with belt loop. (14409 Black)

When the lens is to be used for close-focusing, the LEICA MACRO-ADAPTER-M is attached to the camera body first with its lower side turned up. In this position, a second pair of distance and depth of field scales for the respective focusing range becomes visible, enabling easy reading from above. The goggles perform parallax correction for the rangefinder. A leather belt case with belt loop is included.
Weight: 3.4 oz (96 g)

LEICA Macro-Adapter-M 14409
The Leica Angle Viewfinder M attaches onto the viewfinder eyepiece of the camera at a 45 angle and can be used on all Leica models except the first M3 Series (Production year 1954). It displays a fully corrected view of the center portion of the finder image. Due to its ability to rotate, this accessory facilitates viewing in all situations where the photographer prefers not to hold the camera directly in front of his eye. It is particularly useful for close-range photography or for subjects at or near ground level. Comes with snap lock custom case. (12531 Black)
Leica Angle Viewfinder M

The fully assembled family of components represents a well thought out and useful masterpiece of design and functionality. This series proves to be an irrestible temptation for Leica enthusiats of both the film and digital age.

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