The Hasselblad Flexbody Camera
Hasselblad engineers eventually developed 3 technologies capable of perspective control. The rival medium format camera companies: Rollei, Mamiya, Bronica and Fuji all offered PC products. Why not Hasselblad?

In May of 1996 in Gotenburg Sweden Hasselblad was preparing for the world wide launch of their newest invention the Hasselblad Flexbody Camera. A mountain of grey Flexbody boxes were stacked on the office carpet. What a sight to behold. Unfortunately the product launch was being delayed. It had been discovered rather late that if the movements of this camera were cranked to the extremes vignetting could occur from the bellows. After a lengthy deliberation it was decided to continue with the launch as long as a notice was packed with each unit.

Hasselblad did not produce perspective control lenses and yet a method of perspective control was desperately needed.

Eventually 3 methods were invented:
The Hasselblad 1.4X PC Mutar
The Hasselblad Flexbody Camera
The Hasselblad Arcbody Camera

Before purchasing your Hasselblad Flexbody it is important to know that not all of the Hasselblad V lenses produce the same size image circle. If a lens is used beyond it's covering range vignetting (light fall off) occurs. This table summarizes the effective usable image surplus from each lens.

Lens Coverage

CFE 40

+/- 1mm

CFi 50

+/- 5mm

CB 60

+/- 10mm

CFE 80

+/- 10mm

CFi 100

+/- 14mm

CFi 120

+/-  14mm

CFi 150

+/- 15mm

CFi 180

+/- 12mm

CFi 250

+/- 10mm

What's in the Flexbody box?

Focus Screen Adapter

Acute Matte D Grid Focus Screen

Correction Slide 10

Correction Slide 20

Stray Light Protection Slide

Red Cable Release

Open L-connector

Format Mask 4x5 cm

Stray Light Mask

Front Body Cap

Rear MultiControl Cap

Cordura Custom Case

Instruction Manual

Features and Specifications of the Hasselblad Flexbody Camera
Tripod Coupling Baseplate uses 1/4" and 3/8" tripod sockets.
Tilt range: 28
Shift range: 14 mm
Extension: 22 mm
Independent Film advance: Manual winding crank.
Independent Shutter winding: Manual winding knob.
Lenses: All CFi/CFE, CB and CF lenses directly mount except 135 Macro
All Magazines.

Thru the lens viewing with Bright Acute Matte rear mount screen included
2 Correction Slides provide bright viewing during tilt.
Stray light protection slide.
Accepts all Hasselblad viewfinders.
Dimensions: Length 110 mm (4.3"),
width 140 mm (5.5"),  height 140 mm (5.5").
Weight: 700 g (1.5 lbs)

At maximum tilt the image size will be reduced to 55mm.
Built in Spirit Level

Tips and Guidelines
-The Correction Slide 10 is used when the angle tilt is greater than 10 but less than 20.
 The Correction Slide 20 is used when the angle tilt is greater than 20.
The Correction Slides and Acute Matte Screen are made of two layer resin and are easily damaged.
Wipe fingerprints off with a soft cloth.
Do not apply fluids or the resin layers will delaminate.
Insert the Correction Slides with the print showing.
When performing a forward tilt slide the screen in from the left.
When performing a backward tilt slide the screen in from the right.

-You can only remove the lens when the shutter is fully wound.

-The Stray Light Mask should be fitted at all times when the format mask is not fitted.
It helps to reduce flare when shifts and tilts are applied.

-If the Format Mask 4x5 cm is fitted correctly into the Focus Screen Adapter
you should be able to read the writing on the correction screens.

-All Hasselblad viewfinders will fit into the Focus Screen Adapter at then back.
To take a meter reading with the PME type finders
remove the Correction Slides and unwind the Tilt/Shift function.
When using the waist level finder a (-1) Diopter is recommended.

-Step down to f/11 or f/16 when using Polaroid Magazines.

Hasselblad Flexbody Camera

Hasselblad Flexbody Camera

Hasselblad Flexbody Camera

Hasselblad Flexbody  Base

Hasselblad Flexbody  Bellows

Hasselblad Flexbody  Complete

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