Korona Panoramic View Camera 8x20"

The Korona Panoramic View Camera was offered in 3 format sizes: 7x17 (28" bellows), 8x20 (32 " bellows), and 12x20" (22 " bellows). The tremendous reach of the bellows was accomplished by attaching a focus extension rail protruding from behind the ground glass. The rail has 2 male parts that plug into female parts at the rear of the base rail. There is a trick to it: On the right hand side of the base rail there is a verticle retractable bumper which prevents the camera from slipping off the track. To attach the rail this bumper must be depressed.

The Korona is: "Beautifully made of cherry with walnut finish, all metal parts nickel plated. Rising and falling front, double swing back and focus from the front or rear with rack and pinion adjustment. The ground glass frame is pivoted in the center and recedes easily for the insertion and removal of the holder, at the same time giving a strong even pressure at all points. The wonderful back spring device is an exclusive Korona feature found on all our cameras. You are losing business every day you are without these Panoramic Outfits."

Lens Board 6x6"
Bellows Length 32 "
Folded 6 x 24 " x 14 "
Weight 13   lbs.

Sold direct from the factory the 8x20 was $95.00, plate holders were $10.00 each, lensboards $1.00.
A Tripod Reversing Attachment cost $10.50 and pernitted verticle shooting.
An 8x10" reduction back cost $21.00. 

Korona\ 8x20 Base

Korona Panoramic View Camera 8x20 Folded

Korona Panoramic View Camera 8x20 Top

Korona Panoramic View Camera 8x20 Extended

Korona 8x20 Rear

Korona 8x20 Extended TN

One of the interesting aspects of the Korona is demonstrated by the flex seen in the extension rail joint in the above photo. To achieve the virtue of light weight (13.5 lbs) some flexibility is always present in long cameras. As a rule of thumb the 2 best accepted woods for camera making where cabinet joints are to be used are cherry and mahogany. The corners of the Korona are held together with beautifully executed finger joints. The metal corners are there to support the ground glass assembly.

The original advertisement looked something like this:
Turner-Reich Anastigmat Lens Series II
11x14 size
Lens Equipment for Panoramics

The Perfect American Lens
This lens is our finest product and can be used for any purpose you desire.
Manufactured by the Gundlach Manufacturing Corp. Fairport N.Y
We Recommend the No. 6 Turner-Reich Anastigmat Series II F : 7.5 (11x14 size) for KORONA 8x20 and 12x20 PANORAMIC VIEW CAMERAS. These lenses include an angle of about 70 degrees and the single combinations may be used seperately when lenses of longer focal length are required. The photographer has three lenses in one at his command. They are:

Both cells: 15" f 7.5~ f 64,
Rear cell: 24" f 12.5~f 64,
Front cell :
36" f 16~f 36.
The Front cell when used by itself should be mounted at the Rear cell position.

'The Convertible Turner-Reich Anastigmat will give such excellent results
and few lenses will meet such a severe test for covering power.'

Price in Betax Shutter: $170.00, Price in Optimo Shutter: $177.50

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