Tino Burli is the proprietor of Tino's renos operating out of Port Hope, Cobourg and Baltimore in Northumberland County Ontario Canada.

Tino Burli claims to be a professional tile installer. In reality he is an incompetent amateur, a real hack. We hired him to tile our bathroom in April of 2013. It's now October 2013 and the work still isn't finished. Look at some of the lousy work he does before you hire him.

tinosrenos@gmail.com Tino's Renos 905-375-5244 Tino Burli

Tino Berli 905-375-5244 really screwed up a bathroom renovation he was undertaking in our home. It's very hard to find good trades people in these rural locales. He seemed like a really nice guy. We should have realized there would be problems when his work day lasted only 4 hours on most days. Then instead of using trained workers he brought in his 14 yr old son. The last time we saw him his homemade trailer blew a tire and we had to drive to save his butt. Needless to say he didn't have a wheel wrench of the right caliber.

Tino Burli is the proprietor of Tino’s renos 

Tino Burli  

Tino Burli worst tile job ever 


Tino Burli rip off?