Wisner 7x17 Technical Field Camera
Cameras of the 7X17" and 12x20" formats are traditionally called Banquet Cameras. The main 19th century NY manufacturers were Folmer & Schwing Company and Korona, Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Company. Because their cameras were designed to served mostly indoors they were built with a lightweight frame. The designs are too fragile for rugged use.

The Wisner 7x17" Technical Field Camera is a Panorama Field Camera.
It is designed to survive reasonable levels of field use.
The focus rails are expertly reinforced with either brass or aircraft aluminum.
It is equipped with a user interchangeable leather bellows.

The Wisner 7x17 Technical Field Camera is designed to meet the needs of the most advanced photographer.

Look at all the movements:
On the rear standard: rise, tilt, swing.
On the front standard: swing, shift, lens axis tilt, base axis tilt, rise and fall.

This particular camera has been modified by Wisner to accept Sinar lens boards and Korona holders.
Please note: Folmer holders feature different dimensions.

The camera weighs 6.6 Kilos or 14.55 lbs.
Wisner 7x17 Technical Field Camera

Wisner 7x17 Technical Field Camera

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